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6 ways to use Creative Construction Crates

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this article, we share 6 ways to use the TTS Creative Construction Crates in your setting. The Creative Crates are perfect for motor skills, collaborative play, language development, and so much more.

1. Become an architect!

Construct and create a den! Children will enjoy building their own creations by stacking the crates neatly on top of each other. To create an enclosed environment, drape with multi-textured fabrics and secure with giant pegs for gross and fine motor development. Encourage collaborative play by inviting the children to consider what other resources they might use to create their own enclosed space.

6 ways to use creative crates

2. Balance and coordination

The children can line up the crates to create a raised platform, including planks as a way up and down. As these crates are lightweight, children can build their own balance trails. Encourage the use of key coordination and problem-solving skills as they navigate their journey safely across the crates.

6 ways to use creative crates

3. Imaginative role-play

Will you create a shop, market stall, a kitchen, office or even a school? Allow children’s imagination and creativity to soar with these versatile crates. Combine with your favourite role-play accessories to recreate various real life scenarios. 

4. Water channelling

These crates are cleverly designed to hold a section of guttering. The children can engineer their own platforms and water systems, offering great creative and scientific learning opportunities.

Water channelling play

5. Imaginative transport

Sturdy and strong, these crates can be paired with various accessories to create the ultimate vehicle. Is it a car, a bus, a lorry, or even a tractor? Add wheels and steering wheels and encourage children to describe their journeys and adventures.

6. Messy play

Add the Creative Crate Mark Making and Messy Tops and extend the learning opportunities of our amazing Creative Crates with these open-ended crate tops. Featuring either a black chalkboard surface, or a basic bench with sink. Build a concoctions centre, a home corner, or a mark-making zone. Use chalk to create different designs such as racing tracks, stove tops, small-world locations and much more.

Messy play with crates

How will you use your Creative Construction Crates? 📸 Don’t forget to tag us in your posts on social media @_ttsinternational to share your inspiration and ideas with us! 

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