How can school environments enhance learning opportunities?​

Exploring Outdoor Spaces

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Dr Tim Holmes Headshot

Meet our Outdoor Spaces Webinar panellist: Dr Tim Holmes

Dr. Tim Holmes is an award-winning educator and has developed and implemented neuroscience programmes for a range of academic and commercial customers. A BBC Radio show described Tim as a "neuroscientist gone rogue" because he now applies his knowledge as a vision scientist to commercial questions about design optimisation and behaviour change. After graduating in Mathematics (Sheffield…

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Professor Stephen Heppell Headshot

Meet our Outdoor Spaces Webinar panellist: Professor Stephen Heppell

Stephen Heppell, CEO and Professor The Felipe Segovia Chair of Learning Innovation at Universidad Camilo José Cela, Madrid since 2011.   Stephen’s "eyes on the horizon, feet on the ground" approach, coupled with a vast portfolio of effective large-scale projects over three decades, have established him internationally as a widely and fondly recognized leader in…

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Neurodivergence in Education webinar panel

Watch our Neurodivergence in Education Webinar On-Demand!

Watch our TTS Talking: Neurodivergence in Education Webinar On-Demand now! Did you miss the live webinar? Don’t worry, we’re excited to share the full version on-demand! Tap the video below to access the webinar on-demand and hear our panel of experts discuss how inclusive environments enhance children's learning opportunities. Discover more Neurodivergence in Education content >> organising &…

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neurodivergent child sitting in a sensory space

Welcome to TTS Talking: Neurodivergence in Education

Join the TTS Talking Neurodivergence webinar to hear a renowned panel of experts discuss the importance of inclusion by design in education. Neurodivergence in education Neurodivergence is a term used to describe how people learn, interact and think differently from others. In recent years, there have been increased discussions around the topic of neurodivergence in…

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