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Back to school – 4 tips for getting organised

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We all have good intentions for being super organised when we return to work after a break. We have compiled a list below of top tips to help.

1. A place for everything

 Storing and labelling things properly will help create an organised workspace. An organised, clutter-free space helps pupils to focus and be more  engaged in their learning.

2. Eliminate desktop chaos

Things can easily get lost if they don’t have a home. Use trays, pots, and magazine files to eliminate desktop chaos. Organise classroom resources to make sure you have everything you need in a convenient place.   

3. Planning for success

Planning for success! Write things down! Make and keep schedules for the day and week and set yourself realistic timescales and goals. Put up a class calendar and birthdays chart.

4. Folders & filing

Tidy up and organise your paperwork and recycle what you no longer need. Put the paperwork that you do need in good-quality folders and label them up clearly.

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