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Learning Adventures with Glow and Go Bot

Reading Time: 4 minutes

In this blog, Jodie Lopez explores how Glow and Go Bot can engage children with learning and shares some activity ideas to get you started.

Unlocking Learning Adventures with Glow and Go Bot

The world of education is evolving at a rapid pace, and it’s not just older pupils who are benefiting from technological advancements. Early years classrooms and settings are also embracing the future with open arms. One exciting addition to these environments is the introduction of Glow and Go Bot. This charming, interactive robot is not just a toy; but is a powerful tool for fostering learning in young children.

Glow and Go Bot has been specifically designed alongside Early Years practitioners to ensure it is the ideal accompaniment to work alongside children’s development in those key years and stages. Glow and Go Bot has big tactile buttons which help children to differentiate between buttons easily and associate each of them with music, light and movement actions. This introduces cause and effect in engaging ways and opens up a range of activity options for incorporating Glow and Go across the curriculum, both in 1:1 situations and group scenarios.

Here are just some of the myriad benefits of introducing robots to early years classrooms and settings:

Sparking Curiosity and Engagement

Robots are inherently fascinating to young children. Their movement, lights, and sounds captivate little minds, igniting curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. When a child interacts with Glow and Go, they’re drawn into a world of exploration and wonder, making the learning process an adventure.

Promoting Motor Skills Development

In early years, children are rapidly developing their gross and fine motor skills. Robots with directional buttons encourage physical activity as children press buttons to command the robot’s movement. This fosters the development of hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills as they observe and engage with the robot’s movements. Glow and Go’s tactile buttons add an extra sensory processing level.

Cultivating Problem-Solving Skills

Introducing floor robots to early years classrooms offers an excellent opportunity to introduce children to basic problem-solving. In “programming” modes, children learn to create sequences of commands and observe the outcomes, teaching them the concept of cause and effect and sequential thinking. This can be as explicit or implicit as practitioners choose for different cohorts of children.

Enhancing Communication and Language Development

Through storytelling, children can use Glow and Go Bot as a character in their narratives. This promotes language development as they describe Glow and Go’s adventures, actions, and feelings. Children become storytellers, strengthening their communication skills.

Building a Foundation for Computational Thinking

Incorporating robots into the learning environement introduces young learners to fundamental concepts of computational thinking. They begin to understand that commands create specific actions, which is a core principle of computer programming. This foundation can serve them well as they progress in their education.

Encouraging Collaborative Learning

Robots can be used to foster collaboration among children. Group activities involving Glow and Go Bot promote teamwork, communication, and the sharing of ideas. These early collaborative experiences build vital social skills.

Connecting with the Computer Science Curriculum (Ages 5-7)

While robots offer numerous educational advantages, they also connect with early programming. Children begin to grasp and experience essential computing concepts such as algorithms, sequencing, and debugging, setting them on a path towards digital literacy.

As early years settings adapt to a changing educational landscape, Glow and Go Bot offers a valuable tool for inspiring young learners by creating a dynamic, engaging environment that nurtures curiosity, motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and more. Whether children are creating multi-step programming sequences, or simply hitting the buttons to dance along with the music, we know that Glow and Go Bot has become a firm friend within many Early Years settings already.

Getting Started with Glow and Go Bot

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