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Meet Podcast Guest: Samantha Dholakia

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Samantha Dholakia is a renowned Behaviour and Oracy Specialist, Consultant Trainer, and Creator of The Balance System ©. With over a decade of experience in the education sector, Samantha has dedicated her career to transforming the way we approach behaviour management within schools. 

Her 360 approach, which moves away from the traditional command and control techniques towards more engaging and inspiring methods, has earned her widespread recognition and acclaim in the industry. By focusing on building children’s confidence and communication skills, Samantha has successfully helped countless children, parents and educators in bridging the gap between home and school behaviour approaches. 

As a Children’s Confidence and Communications Coach, Parental Strategist, and Teacher Trainer, Samantha is committed to empowering students, parents and educators with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Her understanding of the science behind behaviour enables her to provide targeted, evidence-based solutions that are both practical and effective. 

In collaboration with TTS 

As a contributor to the TTS Talking Early Years podcast series, Samantha discusses the importance of emotional regulation, co-regulation, and modelling to aid in behaviour management. Sam shares her thoughts on tactics such as stickers and mood trackers and offers her own guidance and ideas for supporting children to manage their emotions.

To learn more about Sam’s work, visit: https://spdtuitionandcoaching.co.uk/

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