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Outdoor Learning – 7 Activity Ideas and Inspiration

Reading Time: 3 minutes

We all know and understand the many different benefits of outdoor learning. So, to help with taking learning outside, here are 7 different activity ideas which have all been inspired by our TTS Outdoor Learning Collections.

  1. Physical Development

Use a movement dice or make a set of movement cards to use. Ask children to roll the dice or select a card and then copy that movement. These could include star jumps, jogging on the spot, hopping on one leg, etc. Extend the activity by asking them to create a mini sequence with multiple movements.

2. Reading and storytelling

Choose your favourite outdoor reading and storytelling space. You might want to sit under a tree, in the sunshine or create a brand new reading den! Choose a resource from your outdoor space, such as a puppet from your reading collection or a leaf, stone or stick. Create a story about this item. Where might it have come from? What can it do? What will happen when you pick it up?

For example, a mysterious leaf could have fallen from a secret kingdom in the clouds, or a twig might turn into a key to open a secret passageway.

3. Active Literacy

Start by laying out a selection of phonics mats on the floor and covering them up with cones. Split your group into equal teams. One person at a time from each team must run, uncover a grapheme and take it back to their group. The next person then runs to find another mat. Keep taking turns to collect graphemes until you can make a word. The winning team can either be the first team to make a word or the team with the most words at the end.

4. Outdoor Maths

Collect natural resources or use resources from the learning collection to create a calculation for a partner to solve. You could use operation cones, numerals, number frames or sticks, stones and leaves to represent numbers.

5. PE and Mini Leaders

Choose a resource such as a hoop, quoit, beanbag or ball and try to balance it on your body in different ways. You could time how long you can balance different resources.

For example, who can balance a beanbag on their head whilst standing on one leg for the longest?

6. Wellbeing

Explore a selection of different calming resources and calming techniques. Find ones that help you to feel calm. This could be a rain stick, weaving frame, emotions mats, drawing, etc. You could also try balancing, breathing exercises or mindfulness activities. Create your own set of personal calming cards with strategies that can be used to help keep calm and relaxed.

7. School Garden

Some animals and creatures are good for our gardens. Research the different garden visitors that you would want to attract to your garden, such as butterflies and bees. Find out the best ways to attract these visitors and what benefits they will bring for your garden. Put these actions into place and then spend time each day observing what visitors you receive.

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