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Episode 13: Approaches to ADHD through an inclusive lens with Debs Davies

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Alistair Bryce-Clegg is joined by Debs Davies, a coach and consultant who is committed to helping create affirming and inclusive environments where neurodivergent people can be valued. In this episode, Alistair and Debs introduce the topic of ADHD through an inclusive lens. 

Supporting all learners

Debs discusses her late ADHD diagnosis and her journey to becoming an ADHD coach after a career in the corporate world and education. The podcast explores the importance of recognising and understanding neurodivergent children’s needs in early years settings. Debs and Alistair emphasise the significance of moving away from traditional, limiting teaching practices and creating more inclusive environments for all children.  

The conversation highlights how neurodivergent children, especially those with ADHD, may have unique learning needs that require a different approach to help them thrive. The episode encourages practitioners to question their approaches and provide support tailored to individual children’s learning styles.

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