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Episode 14: Improving outcomes for neurodivergent learners with Debs Davies

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Alistair Bryce-Clegg is joined again by Debs Davies, a coach and consultant who is committed to helping create affirming and inclusive environments where neurodivergent people can be valued. In this episode, Alistair and Debs discuss ADHD and how educators can become more aware of it, recognising that it presents itself in various ways beyond common stereotypes.  

Inclusive environments

They emphasise that understanding and addressing ADHD isn’t about planning a separate curriculum for neurodivergent children but rather creating inclusive spaces that benefit all students. Debs explains that ADHD is related to executive function challenges, like planning, organising, and self-regulation, which everyone experiences to some extent. Still, neurodivergent individuals struggle with these more intensely and frequently. 

The discussion delves into the importance of reducing distractions and tailoring environments to support different learning styles. They also discuss early diagnosis and highlight that many high-performing individuals in various fields have ADHD, demonstrating that neurodivergent children can be high achievers. 

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