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An Introduction to learning through risk with Ellen Sandseter.

Episode 5: An Introduction to learning through risk with Ellen Sandseter

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How much risk is too much risk?

Throughout this episode, Ellen Sandseter, researcher and expert in Children’s Risky Play, introduces the concept of learning through risk, also referred to as Risky Play, in early childhood.


Alistair and Ellen delve into the benefits of creating open-ended outdoor spaces that allow and encourage children to explore the risks they feel most comfortable with. Ellen shares how children from a very young age are aware of the environment surrounding them and that, when given the flexibility to do so, they can find solutions to manage their own risk-taking. As adults, we can facilitate, scaffold, and nurture children’s learning through risk-taking opportunities and activities.

Why is learning through risk important?

Risktaking is a valuable part of children’s play. While a child’s safety is also a major priority, learning through risk also needs to be recognised as an important part of children’s lives and, most importantly, their learning and development.   
It has many benefits, such as engaging reluctant learners, building creative thinking skills, and developing essential skills such as negotiation, turn-taking, and teamwork.

Find out all this and more in Episode 5 of the TTS Talking Early Years podcast!

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