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Meet Podcast Guest: Kate Freeman

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Kate Freeman is a former Charity Director with I CAN (now Speech and language UK). She is a highly experienced, qualified, and driven Speech and Language Therapist and Consultant working with Hempsall’s, the Early Intervention Foundation, Local Government Association and a range of local authorities.  Kate is also a registered intermediary for the Ministry of Justice.

A focus on early language development

Kate is the author of a series of books focusing on early language development, including four books for very early talkers.  She has recently supported local authority reviews of early years, SEND and speech, language and communication, as well as how libraries are working in the development of family hubs. Kate also delivers training; enables joint working and  strategic development of support for children and young people with speech, language and communication needs and other SEND.

With a proven track record in service development, delivery and strategic support, Kate has also created innovative approaches for evidenced outcomes for children, young people and their families.  She is also a mother and grandmother.  

More information at LinkedIn here and Twitter @_KateFreeman.  

As a contributor to our new TTS Talking podcast series, Kate explains how to identify the gaps in children’s language and the different types of support and resources available for parents, carers and practitioners.

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