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Developing Key Skills Through Play

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Meet Podcast Guest: Mariana Carazo

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Mariana holds a MA Degree from Columbia University in Curriculum and Teaching with a major in Gifted and Talented Education. She is a passionate and keen educator looking to re-think education through a play-based learning approach and developmentally appropriate practices. As part of her call to action to advocate play as the way to rethink Education for the 21st Century; she currently teaches her 7-year-old daughter and 14 more children in her garage. 
The Learning Garage makes visible how learning can happen through a play excelling all learning standards, developing 21st Century skills and preparing children for today’s world. She is also a curriculum designer and does content development within the educational industry. She also develops online learning opportunities for parents and adults who wish to rethink education through play. 

As a contributor to our new TTS Talking podcast series, Mariana explores the different types of play and why they are so important in developing key skills. Reflecting on her background and experiences, Mariana shares practical ways to create language-rich learning environments through play. 

Loose parts play

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Sensory play

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