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Inclusive practice in the Early Years

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Meet Podcast Guest: Laura Henry-Allain MBE

Laura Henry-Allain MBE is an award-winning international storyteller, educationalist, producer and consultant.   She is the creator of the characters of the well-loved JoJo and Gran Gran series, developed and produced by CBeebies, and is the series’ associate producer.   Laura is also executive producer on a few shows that are currently in development, including Daddio &…

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Episode 18: Learning through Intergenerational Practice with Liz Ludden & Sue Egersdorff

In this episode, Alice Sharp is joined by Liz Ludden and Sue Egersdorff again, but this time, they’re switching their focus to the learning opportunities available through intergenerational care and practice.  Alice asks Liz and Sue to explain what techniques and activities (or invitations as Liz and Sue refer to in this podcast) best support this practice…

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CPD Topic 5: The Forest School Approach

Course content: This topic has been developed with Mel McCree, a Senior Lecturer within Early Childhood Studies and Sarah Lawfull, who runs her own consultancy, Where the Fruit is, which has delivered training on government-funded projects with the National Forest. Together, they explore the Forest School Approach including the principles of learning, risk-taking and how it…

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CPD Topic 4: Nature-based pedagogy

Course content: This topic has been developed with Niki Buchan, nature pedagogue and author, and explores the concept of nature-based pedagogy in the early years, what nature-based practice is and why it is so important for children and adults to connect to nature.   With practical suggestions on creating a positive ethos for nature-based learning in…

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CPD Topic 2: Learning through risk

Course content: This topic has been developed with Ellen Sandseter, international researcher and expert in Children’s Risky Play. The course introduces the concept of learning through risk, also referred to as Risky Play, in early childhood. Ellen and Alistair Bryce-Clegg delve into the benefits of learning through risk and practical ways to adopt a more…

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Episode 17: An Introduction to Intergenerational Practice with Liz Ludden & Sue Egersdorff  

In this episode, Liz Ludden and Sue Egersdorff, founders of Ready Generations, a charity that supports intergenerational practice and care in the early years, join Alice Sharp to introduce the concept of intergenerational learning and practice. What is Intergenerational Practice?  Generations Working Together defines intergenerational practice as: “An approach that aims to bring people together in…

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Young girl playing with shiny gold pebbles - Early Years Play

Episode 16: Executive functioning in the Early Years with Mariana Carazo

Mariana Carazo, a play-based learning advocate, joins Alice Sharp for one final time. In this episode, Mariana and Alice discuss the role of executive functions, what they are and what strategies can be used to support children’s executive functioning in the early years.  Executive functions EXPLODE through the different types of open-ended play Mariana discusses in…

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Episode 13: Practical ways to embed rituals and routines effectively 

Hosting a new segment on classroom management, Steven Bollar joins the TTS Talking Teachers’ podcast alongside educational consultant, Iantha Ussin.  In this episode, Steven and Iantha discuss the importance of rituals and routines in the classroom, including using the EDGE technique, setting and practicing expected behaviours, and more.  With the mantra “we have all year to teach,…

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